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Parents, Here’s 5 Quick And Easy Blue Apron Meals Perfect For Your On-The-Go Family

Feeding your family delicious meals shouldn’t take all day. Thanks to Blue Apron, you can seamlessly wrangle the kids and throw dinner together without breaking a sweat! Sign up now to get $110 off across your first 4 boxes!

When you're a busy parent, there's bound to be chaos in your home.

But that chaos shouldn't spread to the kitchen.

Here's a few quick and delicious Blue Apron meals anyone can throw together in record time.

(...And the kids will love it, so bonus points there!)

Salmon Piccata

Blue Apron Salmon Piccata dish.

Achaar Chicken & Cheesy Naan

Blue Apron Achaar Chicken & Cheesy Naan dish.

Beyond Beef™ & Fontina Sandwiches

Blue Apron Beyond Beef™ & Fontina Sandwiches dish.

Mexican Beef & Rice Bowls

Blue Apron Mexican Beef & Rice Bowls dish.

Grilled Salsa Verde Pork Chops

Blue Apron Grilled Salsa Verde Pork Chops dish.

With quick and easy recipes and all the ingredients delivered right to your door, the perfect Blue Apron for your family meal is just a recipe card away!

Photos by JJ Reddington for BuzzFeed.