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Jul 2021
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    blossomwitch commented on 10 "L Word" Moments That We All Absolutely Could've Lived Without

    I thought this list was going to be about things like the characters constantly deliberately misgendering the trans woman in season one that Alice later raped. Or her outing someone. Or any of the other actual wildly problematic things that happened. Not addressing them makes this… 

    4 months ago

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    blossomwitch commented on These Funny Quotes From Patients Under Anesthesia Will Make Your Stomach Hurt From Laughter

    "The tower falls into the sea and then rises again. And now the Lord Buddha will play his left leg." --my mom, apropos of nothing, in the middle of night after a bad drug reaction made her hallucinate. She said a ton of hilarious things but that one was hands down my favorite.

    5 months ago

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    blossomwitch commented on Which Small And Heartbreaking Marvel Cinematic Universe Moment Do You Wish We Talked About More?

    The elevator scene in Ragnorak. Loki's trying to hide hurt feelings by making a joke out of how little Thor thinks of him, and Thor replies without hesitation that he thought the world of Loki. There's just this moment when you can see them both realizing how much they've lost, and… 

    6 months ago

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