10 Reasons Why Nick & Knight Is The Best Thing In Boy Band History.

Nick Carter (From BSB) and Jordan Knight (From NKOTB) have announced that they’re in a man-band…. This may be the bestest thing for all you boy band fans.

10. Let’s mention how sexy they both are.

You can’t resist those sexy smiles.

9. Have you seen how cute their bromance is?

I mean, just by hearing them you fangirl.

8. You know you did some serious jamming to the BackStreet Boys.


I think you can finish the rest ;D.

7. I think you know you did some serious jamming to NKOTB as well.

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh…. THE RIGHT STUFF.

6. Wasn’t NKOTBSB just asdfghjkl?

That was all of the BackStreet Boys & the New Kids On The Block…. Now it’s just Nick & Jordan. The feels.

5. They may cause your hormones to go crazy.

Excuse them. Men this flawless, shouldn’t be allowed to take pictures like this.

4. Inside Scoop: Their album is supposed to be ‘Sexy and funky’.

According to the guys themselves, their album will be sexy and funky. It doesn’t get better than that.

3. You definitely have a crush on Nick and Jordan.

Just look at them, they’re gorgeous.

2. Perfection is their faces combined.

Excuse me while I asdfghjkl.

1. Nick & Knight’s song ‘Just The Two Of Us’ is one of the bestest songs ever.


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