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9 Children's Classics And Their Covers

We are judging these books by their covers.

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

In the latest incarnation, Harry’s got a little scruffier, and Hogwarts, Hagrid, Ron and Hermione have made it to the front cover – hooray! One day Ron’s face will be shown. One day.

Anne of Green Gables

Ah, Anne. Spirited and red of hair, she appeared in variations of the pinafore dress for years. Years that is, until some bright spark recast her as blonde and some might say, a bit ‘come hither’. The fans were not amused.

The Hobbit


The story of Bilbo has had many guises, dallied with woodland scenes, flirted with dragons, but it started with mountains, and that’s where it’s come back to. You could say… it’s gone there and back again. LOL.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Alice is nearly always pictured with other characters, face usually turned away, which is why the cover art on the right wins. Here she looks out at the reader, giving us the side-eye, pinky raised, with a look that says ‘you’ve no idea what you’re in for’.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe


Always beautifully drawn (apart from the movie tie-in but we’re not counting them. Because I said so.), most depict Aslan; the children; some the witch; now even Tumnus makes it to the cover. When will the wardrobe get it’s time!? WHEN???

The Worst Witch


Mildred Hubble, style icon to disorganised girls everywhere has now graduated from unkempt silhouette to fully-drawn cover star. Her hair might be slightly more controlled, but her shoe laces are still untied and she’s clearly rubbish at flying (see cat). Rocking that look, Hubble.

The Borrowers


The Borrowers are nearly always at home on these covers, which is why the rare journey out, above in the middle, gives a glimpse of the excitement and risk involved in their ‘borrowing’ (borrowing my foot, let’s call it what it is – stealing.)

The new editions of the Harry Potter series will be available September 2014.