21 Animals Who Love Reading As Much As You Do

Yes, we’ve seen cats and dogs reading, but why do they get all the attention? We celebrate the other animals that love a good read.

1. This guinea pig likes making notes of grammatical errors he finds in his reading.

2. This bunny is unimpressed that this is your favourite book…

3. This parrot can’t wait for you to get to the really exciting bit.

4. This ostrich always reads the financial section first.

5. This chimpanzee can’t believe what he’s just found out.

6. This horse loves nothing more than to read over people’s shoulders.

7. This bull likes the travel supplement so he can plan his next holiday with his human.

8. This squirrel likes to check the nutritional information so it doesn’t mess with his diet.

9. This goat wants you to read him just one more page before bed time.

10. This elephant likes his human to read him Dickens before nap time.

11. This meerkat employs this human to hold his books for him.

And he has great taste in books…

12. These ferrets have only read half of these books – they’re really interested in constructing a fort.

13. This deer takes great care to read all signage in his forest, and then writes long letters of complaint about their unsightly presence.

14. This little turtle is looking up the translation for the Latin passages in Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose.

15. This hedgehog thought Twilight was over-rated.

16. This kangaroo found your journal and is showing all her friends.

17. These llamas want to know who’s been cast as lead in the annual Shakespeare play.

18. This little mouse thinks Divergent is better than The Hunger Games.

19. This lion thinks this advert is almost as bad as Mission Impossible II was.

20. This bear is looking your number up so he can call and tell you about the book he just finished which you really have to read.

21. This capybara is totally judging you based on the book you’re reading at the moment.

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