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      Approximately 1 artist in every 450 signed to a label does NOT get promoted according to the terms in their contract. Record contracts, especially with major labels, are not worth the paper they are written on: the label can be in permanent breach of contract with no fear of legal reprisal… it is easy to keep the plaintiff at bay with their teams of lawyers until the former cannot afford to maintain the fight… and the huge majority of artists are not wealthy or well connected enough to litigate against a multinational corporation.  As regards legal representation, any “reputable” (!) entertainment attorney - which covers very specialized area of law hired by the plaintiff will most likely have the major labels on their client list… so we can add “conflict of interest” to the sorry mess. The mainstream media, being part of the same information cartel that people are now so dependent upon for their perception of the world, will never tell the public the truth re. the entertainment industry and the absolute corruption that is endemic. Images have to be maintained, or the bottom line suffers.

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