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    Top 10 Books To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

    Our favorite books from some of the most creative brands out there. Reading these will make you antsy to create all sorts of new things!

    1. A Beautiful Mess


    We've all been waiting in anticipation for this great book to come out, and it's finally here! Be inspired!

    2. Bright Bazaar


    Will just has the best style ever, and is absolutely brilliant at making it easy to replicate. Expect great color and a desire for more throw pillows!

    3. NellieBellie


    These ladies have a ton of great and interesting ideas for gifts you wouldn't normally think of.

    4. The Nesting Place


    If you like a mix between cottage and modern, this is the inspirational book for you!

    5. Young House Love


    Expect a ton of great ideas for your home!

    6. Design Sponge


    A book from Design Sponge, what's not to love? We love that she doesn't require everything in your home to real!

    7. Nate Berkus


    This is much more of an emotional book, with personal stories and inspiration, from one of the most stylish men out there! Definitely worth the read!

    8. Kate Spade


    A book all about things Kate Spade loves...yes. This is a winner.

    9. Cupcakes and cashmere


    This book is organized by season, and has a ton of unique ideas from how to decorate your space to throwing parties.

    10. Perfectly Imperfect


    Deborah is all about creating a home that makes you happy...whatever that means.

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