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The Definitive Ranking Of Coffee-Mate Creamers

Don't make the mistake of buying the wrong creamer again!

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1. Hazelnut

The touch of nutty flavor this Coffee-Mate gives to your steamy cup is perfect for daily...or hourly...use. Just unique enough to step above French Vanilla in the polls. It also gets special ranking for cover art, designed by David Bromstad and looking pretty snazzy! Read an awesome interview NellieBellie did with him about this here.

5. Caramel Macchiato


Like Vanilla, this is a safe bet for groups. Though it doesn't have a strong, or truly memorable, flavor it is nicely sweet and just a bit rich. The perfect mix for a relaxing cup of joe.

7. Amaretto


This creamer gets a middling position because, while it is a tasty option with wonderful nuttiness, very few people feel particularly strongly about it. Yes, it is good. No, it is not often an absolute favorite.

8. Natural Bliss


The entire Natural Bliss version receives points for having only ingredients that can be recognized in the bottle. We like knowing what we are drinking! The flavors are lacking a little in "punch" however, lowering the overall ranking of this thoughtful version.

13. White Chocolate Caramel Latte


This creamer sits lower in ranking because of the redundancy of its name. "White Chocolate" is simply sugar and cream...which all creamers have. "Latte" is simply coffee and milk (though this milk isn't this title could be a lie). So really...all this title tells you is that it is caramel and is extra sweet.

14. Italian Sweet Creme


Another version that drops to the bottom of the list for being overly sweet. The true coffee drinkers among us just can't handle that much pollution in our perfectly brewed cups of coffee.

David Bromstad with Coffee Mate

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