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How To Know Your Teen Wolf Addiction Has Gone Too Far

It'll happen to most of us at some point. The trick is knowing when you have a problem, and reeling yourself back in.

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7. You Check the Bushes for Werewolves

And not in the "isn't that funny!" kind of way. But in the "I"m really legitimately afraid a werewolf is going to jump out at me and eat my face off and I don't want to die" kind of way. Pull it together, man!

5. You Make Nemeton How-Tos

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Everyone needs to know how to make a chocolate nemeton, right??? No. Not even close to true. You've gone in too deep. Way too deep.

3. You Create Teen Wolf Raps

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Not just one rap after a Teen Wolf marathon and too much caffeine. Nope. Several. Many. Lots of them. A-D-D-I-C-T-I-O-N

1. You Start Dreaming About Dreams About Stiles

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We get the doesn't take an addict to dream about the gorgeous men on Teen Wolf. But...Just stick to straight up dreaming. Let's not turn this into Inception.

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