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14 Ways To Ensure You're The Skinniest Person Around

AKA: Ways to make sure everyone around you is fat and happy! Dieting is an option, sure. But...skinniness is about perspective! So...if you make everyone around you slightly'll be just like you dieted, without all the work. That's my kind of diet!

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5. Cheese Curds

No one can resist a well-made cheese curd; it just isn't possible. And with the triple threat of high-fat cheese, deep fried oils, and gluten-filled batter, their hips will appreciate the extra pounds.

6. Donuts!

So, the Rice Krispie Donuts featured above might be too sweet for people. Or too obviously bad for them. But you can probably tempt them with homemade donuts. control what goes into homemade donuts. That means their healthier, right? Hehehe.

7. Breves

We all know coffee beverages have calories, but none of them come close to the calorie-dense breve. Made with half-and-half, making these for your friends is a surefire way to ensure they will think you have awesome coffee skills, and they pack on the pounds.

11. Pizza Balls

The Gunny Sack has tons of versions of these pizza balls, and for good reason. They're amazing, and super simple to make. You just take some Pillsbury dough, and wrap it around your toppings. Offer these to someone, and they won't refuse! Sure, you can make them fairly healthy, but why? Fill those on up with the fattiest meats around!

12. Unique Rice Krispie Bars

Getting people to eat your delicious bad-for-you snacks is really about making them just different enough they feel that they need to try them. Example: Rice Krispie Donuts. You know you want to try them. Another Example: CookieButter Rice Krispie Bars. You know you need them in your life!

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