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Cineam area is in the eastern region of Tasikmalaya Regency. The neolithic site in this area is a site with artifacts in the form of a square bengkelbeliung activity trail. Stay away from the artifacts of the pickaxe workshop activities, among them are finished mortar, prospective pickaxe, tatal, and shale. Neolithic sites in this region number six sites. The problem raised is how the pattern of neolithic sites in the Cineam region lies and what factors are behind the laying of neolithic sites in the Cineam region. The purpose of this paper is to find out the laying pattern and the underlying factors. Knowledge of the laying pattern is expected to provide guidance on human behavior in utilizing space (natural environment) for its activities. This paper uses an integrated geographic approach in the form of space analysis and ecological analysis. Spatial analysis to find out the pattern of site laying and analysis / environment to find out the underlying factors. As for the method used is the inductive method. The conclusions in this paper indicate that the pattern of laying down neolithic sites in the Cineam region follows the pattern of river flow. Potential rivers are very large for human activities supporting neolithic sites.

Oct 2018
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