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The Phases Of Spring Break

Relatable GIFs you might have during spring break.

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1. Day of

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Can't even sleep the night before you leave but #SB2k__ is finally here.

2. What to Pack?


A few Hawaiian shirts are all you need.

3. The Car Ride

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The music playlist makes or breaks the trip.

4. Beach Time

giphy / Via

Suns out, guns out.

5. Burnt and Turnt

giphy / Via

Lotioning, oiling, sunscreen, aloe...

6. Homesick

amithirty / Via

After the third day you start to hear your bed calling your name.

7. Sleep Deprived

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Sleep is for the weak, am I right?

8. Last Day, Best Day

getyarn / Via

It's the last day so don't waste it.

9. Not Ready to Leave

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Time to go but you're on the fence about staying on vacation or going back to reality.

10. Finally Home

giphy / Via

Do you unpack or get straight in bed?

11. Back to School

giphy / Via

Three tests the week after spring break. How excited are you?

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