David R. Palmer
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    • David R. Palmer

      “…prompting suggestions on the right that the media and advocates are ignoring Jana Winter’s plight because of hostility to her employer.” Hmm… Goose. Gander…? (Well, technically Ms. Miller would be a … er … goose; yes, that’s the term for a female goose.) Regardless, harken yee… “…back in 2002 when [Miller] worked for The New York Times, she was involved in a Bush administration leak of intelligence information that ultimately resulted in her losing her job. So Jon Stewart couldn’t help but wonder why leaks were okay for her to use back then, but dangerous in the hands of others: “Now to bring the whole thing full circle, she’s on f*cking television as the expert on why other people doing it is not good. When in reality, the move she is describing should be called ‘pulling a Miller.’” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/07/jon-stewart-jabs-fox-news-judith-miller-video_n_1750987.html

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