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5 Fictional Characters That Defy The Canadian Sterotype!

No more Mr. Nice Guy(s)...

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1. Seth Bullock from HBO's Deadwood


This screwdriver toting ruffian is based on the real Seth Bullock who was born in Amherstburg, West Canada (now Ontario).

Did you know the real Bullock faced down an angry mob single handed, was Deadwood's first sheriff, and ran Dodge City Deputy Marshal Wyatt Earp out of town before becoming one of Roosevelt's Rough Riders during the Spanish–American War?

In grade 3 I took my BMX of some sweet jumps and was late for dinner, so I guess were both kinda bad asses...

3. WWF's The Mountie


Billed from Montreal, Quebec Canada this cattle prod-wielding member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police would "shock" his defeated opponents in the stomach. Not cool, bro.

Let's real talk tho. His "Taser" looks like the worst phallic X-mas prezzie ever.

4. Simon Tremblay from HIMYM


So maybe still living with his Mom, and working at the Splish Splash Ottawa Water Slide Park won't have Simon topping the list. But back in high school, this hoser dated Robin all summer then broke up with her in the back of his van after a concert of his band, the Foreskins. He dumped her for Louise Marsh, who had just bought a pool...

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