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10 Interesting Facts About Cosplay(ing)

"It’s a lot of paint-hands, hot glue burns and sleep deprivation."

You've no doubt heard of the word "cosplay" before and associated it with people who like to dress up as their favourite video game, comic book or anime characters.

And while that's true, cosplay is more than mere dress up — it's used as a form of self-expression, it's an art form and it's also a fantastic community of inspiring and creative people.

To find out more about the world of cosplay, BuzzFeed chatted to Clare (@henchwench) and Oarin (@ScrapShopProps), two Australian cosplayers who create props and costumes for video game companies like Blizzard through their company, Hench & Scrap Foundry.

1. First off, cosplay isn't just for hardcore geeks — there are several different types and the community welcomes everyone that's open to it.

2. On that note, you don't need a whole lot of experience to get started on making your own costumes.

3. But if you are inexperienced, don't get discouraged if your first go isn't amazing. Learn from it and the next cosplay you make will be better.

4. Cosplay can get expensive, with intricate and detailed costumes costing thousands of dollars. But that doesn't mean you need to spend a lot to make an impact.

5. Depending on a cosplayer's interests and skills, they may gravitate towards certain characters or materials to create their costume.

6. The process to recreate a character varies from cosplayer to cosplayer — but regardless, there's a whole lot of work involved from figuring out what materials to use, to thinking about how to bring video game props to the real world.

7. Basically, if you thought cosplay was glamorous and easy, think again.

8. But at the end of the day, what makes it worthwhile — besides the end costume result, of course — is the uniquely tight-knit community who pull out all the stops to help each other.

9. Through cosplaying, creators often uncover hidden details about their favourite video games, comic books or anime that they've never noticed before, which only strengthens their love for it.

10. And it can lead to some really cool opportunities, like the chance to collaborate with companies and become your favourite heroes.

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If you're wondering where Clare and Oarin stand, here's what they said:

Oarin: "For the Alliance! Stand as one!"

Clare: "For the Horde! My heart will always belong to the strength and honour of the Horde."