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Tips For Getting Over Your Breakup

Ice cream is not the answer. (RE: BUZZFEED LIFESTYLE WRITER)

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1. Go to a movie by yourself in the afternoon.

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If you see flick with nude scenes, just know that an older couple will sit next to you, and they will be into it.

2. Find your old Game Boy and replay Pokémon Yellow (or whichever version you played as a kid).

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You can name Ash's rival Gary after your ex—or your archenemy, if that’s a different person.

3. Binge watch The Office on Netflix.

Avoid the episodes toward the end where Pam and Jim are fighting. Try to focus on the Dwight.

5. Binge watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix.

Avoid the episodes where Leslie and Ben are trying to decide whether to be together. Try to focus on the Swanson.

10. Most of all, make sure you get over it on your terms.

And you really will get over it. I promise.

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