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    • BlissfullyEducated

      Another anti-Israel post from the liberal media. Come on, Buzzfeed, at least try not to be so ignorantly biased. And a majority of these people commenting disgust me. So everyone thinks that the Israelis took the Palestinians’ land? Read up on history then!! Did you know that the Palestinians kicked the native Jews out FIRST!!! Did anyone go batshit crazy over it then? Nope. How can you arbitrarily decide who the land belongs to when there’s a whole history surrounding it. You can’t disregard that. Yeah, no one wants to live in a cave, but maybe the person should have had a damn permit. You can’t complain about not getting rights when you’re clearly not even following any laws. ALSO, Arabs get MORE RIGHTS in Israel than they do in the Arab states. Tell me, what Arab state could an Muslim be openly gay in? Hmm…. NONE! But, in Israel you’d be warmly welcomed. That’s just one of the many examples that you all need to educate yourselves about. You’re severely misinformed, and it makes me sick.

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