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6 Xmas Videos: Booze, Foods & Fun

These videos will either make your holiday much better or keep you entertained if your holiday totally sucks.

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Learn how to make mulled wine, then try a few unique wines to that make great gifts…on this episode of Real Wine with Kateland Carr.



In a very special YULETIDEY episode of The Weakly News- Iliza's dad shows us his Christmas CYST. Creepy Christmas traditions from around the world involving poop and demonic Khloe Kardashian. We call a gay hotline and Iliza dresses like a sexy canny cane. Alexis Archer plays a reindeer and howls about her anus on ACTING CORNER and Christmas cheer is spread to all.



In this special Christmas episode of Laughing Historically, we get to the bottom of the origins of Santa Claus and its stranger than you ever imagined. Hopefully we didn't end up on the naughty list. These are facts, you can't make this stuff up.



The Christmas Shoes might be the worst song ever . Obviously, it needed to be made into a movie starring Rob Lowe



Yuletide craziness from the cast of Life from the Inside. Happy Holidays! Know someone who could teach Santa a thing or two? Send them this video! It makes a fun and (extremely) inexpensive Christmas gift! (Maybe you should follow it up with an email or something though.) Original song "You Could Teach Santa a Thing or Two" written and performed by Robb Padgett.



Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews: Anchor Brewing 2011 Christmas ale

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