19 Awesome Animated GIFs For Almost Any Situation In Life

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes the phone rings while you’re on the toilet. Sometimes the boss catches you goofing off. Here are 19 animated GIFs perfect for just about any occasion.

1. When you see your ex at a party:

2. When your boss catches you not doing your work:

3. When you are crossing the street and someone honks at you to hurry up:

4. When you were a kid and your parents took you to the playground:

5. When you find that special friend you can finally act stupid with:

6. When you spot a girl with a fine butt wearing yoga pants:

7. When someone starts to spread rumors about someone you hate:

8. When your girlfriend/wife spontaneously asks you if you want to have sex:

9. When someone starts talking politics around you:

10. When you go out to dinner at a 5-star restaurant and get the bill:

11. When the phone rings while you’re in the bathroom:

12. When someone says you’re cute:

13. When you get home after an exhausting day:

14. When you work retail and are forced to listen to the store’s music all day long:

15. When one of your seemingly innocent friends says something sexual:

16. When you go to walk around someone and they step in the same direction as you:

17. When someone aims a rubberband at you:

18. When you somehow manage to lose your only friend that went to a party with you:

19. When you try to explain your favorite movie to someone who just doesn’t get it:

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