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Reporter Falls Off Ladder During Live Shot

Sky Sports reporter Nick Collins took a nasty tumble off a ladder during his live shot. Fortunately, he was able to recover and finish the spot a few minutes later.

blippitt 6 years ago

Pretending To Be A McDonald's Employee Prank

Josh Galea's got balls. He put on his McDonald's hat and shirt and jumped behind the counter at several local McDonald's, pretending to be an employee.

blippitt 6 years ago

14 Hilarious Christmas Ads, Signs, And Items

As Christmas-mania descends upon the land once more, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the funniest Christmas ads, signs, and items around.

blippitt 7 years ago

Fried Roach: Want Flies With That?

A reddit user claims to have found this lovely little guy baked into his hash brown. Doesn't that just "bug" the heck out of you?

blippitt 7 years ago

Proud To Be An American: Occupy Remix 2011

This Thanksgiving, let us not forget to give thanks for those brave men and women who gave their lives defending this great country so that we may enjoy freedoms and liberties not found anywhere else in the world. God Bless the USA!

blippitt 8 years ago