I work as marketing manager at a real estate firm in Lansing. At the start, I struggled with my job a lot due to failure to have a grasp on challenges. Since when i started blogging, I am finding it easier to make extensive research and get good k...
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  • Understanding The Term Sale Pending

    If you’ve ever fallen in love with the home that has already been sold then you know how disappointing this can be. Or, if you ever come across a listing that says its sale pending, you often times will equate this as if it’s already sold. However, this is not always the case. In fact, you still have a chance to swoop in at the last minute and gain the property. But, in order to successfully do this you’ll need to have a full understanding of what sale pending means and the different contingencies that are behind it. In this article will help you better understand what the term sale pending actually means, and whether or not you a have a chance to obtain a listing once it’s been brought to this point.

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