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Weezer's Lost "Songs From The Black Hole" Album Released

The rock opera was pieced together and recorded by a legion of fans

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Songs From the Black Hole is one of rock's "holy grail" lost albums, originally intended to be released as Weezer's sophomore effort, the rock opera was distilled into what eventually became Pinkerton. For the past twenty years lead singer Rivers Cuomo has hinted at what it could have been, teasing us with images of sheet music and leaking a few demos here and there. Finally enough content has been released (largely thanks to the Alone series of albums) to allow fan's to recreate it.

A group of fans on popular Weezer message board got together and recorded all the various parts (female and male vocals for different characters), pieced together by the various demos and information on the story gathered from Rivers' book he released this past year, "The Pinkerton Diaries." It's probably as close as anyone is ever going to get to hearing a completed, fully realized version.

And it's an awesome effort from an extremely dedicated fanbase. Don't believe me? Well...

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