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22 Signs That You've Officially Arrived To Your Mid - Late 20's

You've spotted a grey hair or 12, you're frequently grumpy, naps are luxurious and you've experienced the major consequences of being wine drunk and suffering a wine hangover.

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1. You no longer need a "role model".

Perhaps the last one assisted you in disowning half of your liver.

2. You've learned all there is to know about survival from Mariska Hargitay.

Because Mariska Hargitay can come back from anything.

3. Things your parents told you have all started to make sense

4. Your metabolism is slowing down, rapidly.

It might be too late ...

5. Vodka has officially been excused from the party

6. You're realizing that maybe money actually can buy you happiness ...

But unfortunately most of it went toward your college tuition.

7. Things have suddenly become more annoying than ever

And let's be realistic ... You can't be PMSing 24/7 - 365.

8. By now you've perfected the art of pitty laughing

Everyone deserves to feel like they told a great joke at least once in life

9. It's like one morning your brain just decided that it wasn't going to put up with the hangovers anymore

You feel like something other than a human on Sunday morning

10. You've started to create a family of your very own ...

Most likely all on 4 legs

11. Saturday mornings aren't what they used to be ...

Doug, Pepper Ann, Hey Arnold ...

Doug, Pepper Ann, Hey Arnold ...

12. When someone talks sh!t about you

13. You've found a much more mature way to "unfriend" or "block" someone

14. You start to proudly admit things, like ...

15. "The club" is no longer your scene ...

16. "Swig" is the new "Shot" and it's never hard alcohol

17. You no longer understand what's "in style" or why


18. Naps are so exciting

19. Whole Foods has become so much more than your every day grocery store

to health and beyond.

20. Your reaction when you saw the "twerk"

21. You had to try it for yourself

22. Your Facebook news feed is filled with Engagement announcements ...

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