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    These 22 Things Were HUGE In The 2000s, But I Know You Forgot About Them Already

    IDK how we all had those water tube toy things and we still don't know what to call them...

    1. The overwhelming obsession we had with literal rubber (Silly) bands

    photo of a child's hand grabbing Silly Bandz

    2. The OG group chat

    photo of the chat rooms from Nintendo DS systems

    3. V-Tech gaming

    photo of a V-Tech gaming system

    4. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

    5. The gym scooters

    photo of sitting scooters in a school gym

    6. Pencil grips

    photo of four rubber pencil grips

    7. The Wonder Pets

    photo of the "wonder pets" opening

    8. Counting bears

    photo of the counting bears classroom tool

    9. Math linking cubes

    photo of the linking cubes classroom tool

    10. The dreaded multiplication test

    photo of a multiplication test sheet

    11. The infamous Heelys

    photo of a pair of heelys

    12. Blockbuster

    13. TruMoo (school milk)

    photo of TruMoo chocolate milk in a carton

    14. Dragon Tales

    photo of "Dragon Tales" opening

    15. Stick-on earrings

    16. Webkinz

    photo of a stuffed goose Webkinz toy

    17. i-Dogs

    18. Lip Smacker

    19. Doodle Bears

    photo from the Doodle Bears commercial

    20. The last day of school shirts

    photo of Taylor Swift wearing a shirt with names written on it

    21. Whatever these were called...

    water tube toys

    22. And Littlest Pet Shop Digital Pets

    photo of the toy in its packaging

    What's something from the 2000s that, no matter what year it is or how old you are, always makes you nostalgic? Let me know in the comments below!