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This Is What Happens When You Refer To Marching Bands As "Dorks" On The Internet

CBS Sports Network Commentator Jim Rome messed with the wrong clique, but they forgive him.

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Recently, CBS Sports Network Commentator Jim Rome (@jimrome) decided to tick off a countless amount of musicians with one of his most controversial tweets yet. He doesn't realize how many people think "those dorks are cool."

Other "dorky" things they do!

Check out this Washington Post article that shows examples of the other "dorky" things band students get to do while "running around with their instruments".


Over 16 million!

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osumbvideo / Via

More than 15 million people, many of whom probably aren't the "dorks" Mr. Rome is referring to, flock to YouTube to watch these dorks!

ESPN did a feature on these "Dorks."

View this video on YouTube

ESPN / Via

ESPN did a feature on these dorks and found out that some performances require as much effort as athletes.

But hey...

Mr. Rome, the "dorks" forgive you because while you're doing your job the "dorks" are traveling around the nation and around the world. They perform for packed stadiums full of people who only come to see "dorks [run] around with their instruments". They marched down the street of Rome, New York City, London, California, Hawaii, etc. while performing for the Pope, Veterans, and other people who love what the "dorks" are doing.

Also, Mr. Rome, if you were to go on Twitter or Facebook right now and search #RomeIsBurning or #MarchOnRome, you would see the selfless dedication those "dorks" have to making other people happy, because that is their goal. Making people happy is their goal.

UPDATE: Thanks, Mr. Rome!

@jimrome / Via Twitter: @jimrome

Mr. Rome, on behalf of all "dorks", I want to say that we accept your apology! :) We realize that football games (especially those with high stakes) can often cause people to act funny or to misspeak. We hope through this little situation, we were able to show you, as well as the other people who aren't "dorks", what we do, what our goal is, what it teaches us, why we do it, and what makes us "dorks" cool. No hard feelings? Thanks!

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