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Gay Men All Made The Same Joke On Twitter About The Nintendo Switch

Top? Bottom? Nintendo Switch?

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Nintendo debuted its new console, the Nintendo Switch, on October 20.

It's is equal parts handheld, like the Nintendo DS, and traditional console, like the Wii. Nintendo's trailer video showed it switching positions as players go place to place.


Lots of people were understandably excited β€” it's Nintendo's first console in several years β€” but the Switch especially tickled the LGBT community on Twitter. Why, you ask?

"So Miyamoto are you top or bottom?" "I'm a *looks at camera* Nintendo Switch"


"only the Nintendo Switch has the flexibility to let you play at home with the Nintendo Bottom, or out on the go with the Nintendo Top"


For some people, the joke seemed a little close to home.

DON'T πŸ‘ GET πŸ‘ A πŸ‘ NINTENDO πŸ‘ SWITCH πŸ‘ IF πŸ‘ UR πŸ‘ NOT πŸ‘ VERS πŸ‘

Sure, they're calling it the Nintendo Switch, but then you get it home and it only wants to Nintendo Bottom.

awfully bold of Nintendo to declare themselves switch in a world with a dire top shortage

People are excited for what's coming after the console's announcement

pokemon top and bottom only for the nintendo switch

The Sony Dom The Microsoft Sub The Nintendo Switch The Steam power bottom

Games I'm hoping to play on the Nintendo Switch: Pokemon S&M The Legend of Zelda: The Chipotle Bottom Paper Mario and the PrEP Prescription

Of course, not all the responses were sex jokes.

I wonder if the Nintendo Switch's 'Power Bottom' dock is tied to one system, or is it more of an 'open' relationship? ;3c

Jk, they all were.

if the new nintendo console is a Switch i'm saying the wii u was a top and the gamecube was a power bottom

The versatile Nintendo Switch comes with bottom docking. Shoot, cruise, and roll all while hooking up with your friends.

And the jokes made other reactions sound a bit different πŸ€”

Will the Switch move Nintendo from the bottom to the top of the console wars?

Nintendo Switch – a look at partners working on the platform

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