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    • blakek4

      I have to say thatIfound some of these ideas great for when we’re NOT camping..but babysitting the grandkids!
      They have always loved to go on “nature walks” in our older suburb, and for this, they always carry little paper I’m going to remember to add to the fun by making itascavenger hunt! They’ll love it. Our Pannini..thing..was picked up atayard sale beforeIeven really knew what it was.
      We used it last time the g-kids were here, andIhave to say that it makes the best ham & cheese sandwiches ever.
      It doesn’t take up much room at all, havingaskinny handle, so yeah it is coming along on our next camping trip! Mostly these are great ideas, butIdo have to add my voice to those who scorn packing single servings of toothpaste/antibiotics into little snippets of straws. OCD much?
      After you pack them, you have to seal them? Yeah, that’s an effective and relaxing use of time.
      And then, how easy will these “handy” little things be to open? Here’s an idea: Don’t do that.
      Instead: 1- Bringatube of toothpaste. They’re pretty amazing. Most even come equipped with this crazy thing calledalid.2- When it’s time to useasingle serving of toothpaste, simply a- unscrew the lidb- squeezeasingle serving of toothpaste out onto your toothbrushc- replace lidd- brush teethe- save remaining toothpaste, already packed away in handy tube, for next time! :D My husband &Igo camping every summer, whether we think we need it or not.
      Can’t recommend it enough.
      Happy camping, everybody!

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