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    The 10 Greatest Friendships In Pixar Movies, Ranked

    From Buzz and Woody to Mike Wazowski and Sulley, here's to the ship that never sinks.

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    I watched Luca, Pixar's latest film, this week, and there was a lot I liked about the coming-of-age story. I enjoyed the beautiful animation, getting a glimpse of how sea monster society functions, and, of course, the people speaking in Italian accents. 

    Alberto and Luca enjoying ice cream.
    LUCA, from left: Alberto Scorfano (voice: Jack Dylan Grazer), Luca Paguro (voice: Jacob Tremblay), 2021. ©

    10. Remy and Alfredo Linguini (Ratatouille)

    Remy plays the puppetmaster by pulling Linguini's hair.

    9. Carl and Russell (Up)

    Russell looking at an annoyed Carl through binoculars.

    8. Mr. Incredible and Frozone (The Incredibles)

    Mr. Incredible and Frozone are ready to fight crime.

    7. Lightning McQueen and Mater (Cars)

    Mater is confused and Lightning is bemused.

    6. Joy and Sadness (Inside Out)

    Sadness wallows on the ground while Joy tries to motivate her.

    5. Wall-E and Hal (Wall-E)

    Hal the cockroach and Wall-E staring at each other.

    4. Marlin and Dory (Finding Nemo)

    Marlin and Dory are are terrified and surrounded by jellyfish.

    3. Luca and Alberto (Luca)

    Luca and Alberto admire the bike they built.

    2. Woody and Buzz (Toy Story)

    Buzz and Woody

    1. Mike Wazowski and Sulley (Monsters, Inc.)

    Sulley and Mike watching TV.

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