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    The 15 Craziest Ice Cream Flavors You'll Ever Taste

    Don't read this if eating Rocky Road is too much for you!

    Ice Cream. It's our go-to summer treat. Ambrosia from the dairy gods.

    But vanilla and chocolate aren't the only flavors out there! And I'm not talking Turtle or Rocky Road or Superman ice cream, there are some truly crazy ice cream flavors for you to try out. The sisters at LICK Ice Cream in Indianapolis would like to take you through this taste-testing journey. Buckle up, kids -- we're in for a wild ride!

    1. Roasted Sweet Corn

    Made with non-GMO corn and sea salt, this custard-based dessert is surprisingly delicious!

    2. Lavender Honey

    Lavender's known for its soothing aroma-therapeutic effects, but added to your ice cream? Don't worry, this light and fragrant pairing will have you begging for more!

    3. Roasted Balsamic Strawberry

    Looking for a savory, yet sweet combination? The balsamic vinegar base creates just enough of a filling foundation as the roasted strawberries and sugar top off this delectable treat.

    4. Cantaloupe Mint Sherbert

    Interestingly great for those hot summer days: a refreshing mint syrup drizzled over cantaloupe bites in this organic milk-based sherbert.

    5. Earl Grey Peppermint

    Very interesting: for this dairy treat, Humbolt Co.’s Earl Grey tea is steeped into the base before crushed peppermint sticks are added during the freezing process.

    6. Orange Creme and Clove Bud

    Like Orange Dreamsicles as a kid? Now you can enjoy a more mature version of the old classic hit flavor: organic orange extract is used along with clovebud to give a spicier smell and taste.

    7. Chipotle Cinnamon

    Talk about spicy! This interesting treat might not appeal to the sweet-toothed ice cream aficionados, but it's a real adventure for those willing to try it out!

    8. Spiced Pumpkin Rosemary

    Move on over Starbucks, your Spiced Pumpkin Lattes can take a break while this ice cream takes over. Organic pumpkin and fresh rosemary will make for one interesting, delicious treat.

    9. Hot Cocoa Cayenne

    I religiously drank Mexican Hot Chocolate this past December at home -- it was one of the most delicious concoctions I have had in years. Now YOU can enjoy the delicious mix of chocolate and cayenne pepper in this savory dairy treat!

    10. Peach Sriracha

    Phenomenally delicious: this pairing is almost too devilishly good. The popular hot sauce works wonders with the fruity custard in this treat.

    11. Blackberry Thyme

    You've not become an ice cream aficionado unless you've had every herb and spice in your sweet dairy treats! Blackberries and sugar are boiled down into a sweet compote, which is then swirled into the custard base that has been infused with thyme.

    12. Sweet Curry Coconut

    Curry? You might be shaking your head. In this recipe, though, the custard base replaces cream with coconut milk and the sweet curry powder gives the mix a little spice, a little sweetness, and a lot of pep.

    13. Beet and White Chocolate

    Beets look pretty weird...but they create a bright, beautiful fuchsia ice cream that’s as delicious as it looks. Freshly juiced beets and high quality white chocolate combine to make this unusual mixture a hit.

    14. Mango Hibiscus Sorbet

    Flowers? You bet! A homemade hibiscus simple syrup adds a red tint and a tang to the sweet champagne mangoes that provides most of the sorbet's flavor.

    15. Saffron Rosewater

    Remember what I just said about flowers? This Persian inspired flavor uses Spanish saffron and organic rosewater to create a wonderfully fragrant and rich custard with a brilliant yellow hue.

    Want to learn more about LICK Ice Cream?

    Be sure to stop by this blogpost for more information about the ice-cream masters!

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