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    The 10 Coolest Recycled Products

    Trying to look trendy while staying "green" this summer? Check out these trendy recycled and upcycled items -- you'll be doing the earth a favor!

    1. F49 Fringe by Freitag -- $290.00 / Via

    Like a Swedish Friend: Freitag's mission is to use old European truck tarpaulins, strips of tire rubber, and car seatbelts when making their backpacks and duffel bags. This backpack is ready for school or work and is a stylish addition for any environmentally conscious consumer!

    2. Skate Back by Grovemade -- $39 / Via

    Grovemade is an amazing family of creators -- close knit and a little crazy -- handcrafting goods at their workshop in Portland, Oregon. I love this product -- nothing looks cooler than recycled skateboard decks sanded down to create a cover for your iPhone 5/5s.

    3. Chief Super Bowl Dome Wallet by People for Urban Progress -- $40


    People for Urban Progress has been creating some amazing artwork around Indianapolis, but their recycled products are top notch. This super-thin and durable bifold wallet is made from banner material and the former RCA dome (old home of the Indianapolis Colts) from the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

    4. Smooth Record Bowls by Vinylux -- $28 / Via

    Vinylux makes some amazing works of art by morphing and molding classic vinyl records. They're not food safe, but they’re a great living room or kitchen piece! If you'd like to see more vinyl record products, check out their etsy.

    5. The Cottonwood Beanie by Coal Headwear -- $38 / Via

    Seattle’s Coal Headwear uses recycled cotton yarn when making their trendy knit collection hats. While spring is coming around, there’s never a bad time to buy a beanie -- especially something as stylish as this one!

    6. ReCycles by Ride Recycle Bikes -- $2000-$2250 / Via

    Ride Recycle Bikes are amazing: every single bike part is made of recycled materials. The seats are made with renewable cork, and the belt drives and frame are completely repurposed. You can ride an eco-friendly bike while exercising and cutting down on your carbon footprint as well!

    7. Mis-Matched Socks by Solmate Socks -- $20 / Via

    Marianne Wakerlin set out to create a green, knitted product with a focus on recycled materials and a whole bunch of fun. “Life is too short for matched socks,” the Vermont socklady says on her website. The best part? Some socks even support philanthropic efforts and a portion of those sales will go to charities!

    8. Upcycled USPS Mail Sack Totes by TerraCycle -- $79 / Via

    Go Postal! TerraCycle has a number of great upcycled products: from totes to iPad cases to pouches, these upcycled mail bags look great. Stitched together from decommissioned USPS cotton-canvas mail sacks, each upcycled pouch and tote features markings from the original carryall, along with distressing, light fraying, and patch marks from years of service.

    9. Iris Skateboards -- $250 / Via

    Just like the Grovemade iPhone cases up at #2, these skateboards are also made from damaged skateboard decks. They got the Tony Hawk thumbs up and their three most popular skateboards -- the Platypuss, Point Break, and Ripride -- are ready to skate once again (they just need another happy customer)!

    10. FunkyJunk Upcycled Laundry Hampers by Hip Cycle -- $72.99 / Via

    Made completely from upcycled plastic bags, Hip Cycle is out to make “Wants out of Waste.” Paired with a hilarious video featuring the evil “plastic bag man,” these upcycled products truly are beautiful and ergonomic. Each hamper clears about 90 plastic bags from the environment and landfills, and they come in a number of fun colors.