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Indiana Donut Guide

You voted, I reported: check out many of the best donut shops in Indiana!

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Long's Bakery

Probably the most famous donuts in Indianapolis, Long's Bakery has been around for forever. With their reputation, one might assume that it's probably just a time thing -- generations of spreading the praise for Long's -- but if you think that, you couldn't be more wrong: Long's brings only the best donuts to Indianapolis. Remember everyone, be sure to bring cash!

Dan's Variety Bakery

The stories about this place are awesome: Dan's is open from 1 AM to Noon every day of the week, but it's so popular in Kokomo that lines form at midnight to get the best fresh donuts. People camping outside the doors know what's up: the donuts at Dan's are phenomenal and are worth getting if you're around town at 4 AM. Totally worth it.

Wabash Donut Shoppe

Wabash Donut Shoppe is my own submission to this list of amazing places: they just opened up their shop in Warsaw this year -- thank God. If we wanted donuts in Warsaw before the shoppe showed up, we had to go to Marsh or Meijer. Worry no more, Wabash Donut Shoppe brings the best donuts to the Wabash area (and the best apple fritters I've ever had in my life)!

Bolin's Donuts

Logansport's own Bolin's Donuts bring nothing but happiness and satisfaction to the town. Reportedly "the best donuts in the 574," special consideration and praise is given to their cake donuts and rumor is that, because of their popularity, you have to get there early in order to get the best selection. "Most people buy a dozen or more at a time," one review mentions -- so if you're in town be sure to get as many as you can before they're all out!

General American Donut Company

Otherwise known by fans as GADCO, General American Donut Company is a part of the craft donut scene in Indianapolis -- a scene quickly growing in Indiana's capital city much to my happiness. Focusing on the way donuts are made and a phenomenal knack at knowing what's good, GADCO's most famous flavors include the PB&J, Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon, French Toast, and the Creme Brûlée. These donuts are for those trying to find the Holy Grail of craft donuts.

Rocket 88 Dougnuts

I've been talking about Rocket 88 Doughnuts quite a lot over the past year in my Buzzfeed articles: and finally I can say that I've been there and enjoyed their delicious donuts! After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Rocket 88 secured a spot in Fountain Square in Indianapolis -- as of right now, they've been open for just around a week and they've garnered quite a reputation. Most famous for their vegan and gluten free options, this is a shop you have to go to if you live in Indy.

Deluxe Donuts

"Literally the best donuts within a 30 mile radius of Anderson, Indiana," one person said about Deluxe Donuts: and many, many people tout the goodness that comes from this place. If you go, make sure to get the Manager's Special -- the daily special featuring the nutty maple glazed donut -- the strawberry glazed, or the coffee glazed donuts. Man, I'm just getting hungry thinking about all of these donuts.

Donut Bank

Donut Bank has been around since 1967 and they let you know: it's everywhere on the website, but it's a testimony as to just how good their donuts are. Interestingly enough, the most popular aspects of the Donut Bank in Evansville are the phenomenal coffee, the bavarian cream donuts, and the donut holes -- "I would get 50 donut holes if I could," one person said in an email, "they're the best I've ever had!"

Rise N Roll Donuts

Not specific to any one kind of shop in Indiana, these delicious donuts are famous up in Northern Indiana. Go to any bakery in the Michiana area (Shipshewana, Nappanee, Amish Country, etc) and you're bound to find these beautiful donuts on sale. They're devilishly good -- watch out, you may eat that whole dozen you bought by yourself!


I asked more readers to provide me with some of the favorite donut shops in Indiana that I missed. Here are a few of the ones that were emailed to me!

Cornerstone Bakery

One email had this to say about Cornerstone Bakery in Greensburg after reading my list:

"A great family run place! 70¢ per donut ($7/doz) and every bit as good as $2 donuts from Rocket88 & GADC. When in Indy, I'll do 'craft' donuts for a treat but that price is do-Nuts. …I'd never spend $20 for a dozen.

Best donuts in town! Also serving danish, coffee, milk, and juice."

I REALLY appreciate good donut puns, so it's time for everyone to check them out!

Square Donuts

Another emailer brought up Square Donuts, adding:

"If you haven't heard of Square Donuts, you haven't lived! They started up in my hometown (Terre Haute) nearly 50 years ago, and they have branched out in the past decade to Bloomington, Richmond, and, most recently, Indianapolis (downtown, Plainfield, and Carmel). Not only do they make insanely perfect glazed donuts, the majority of the varieties they make are indeed square, as the name suggests. Their cinnamon sugar donuts are my personal favorite, though a huge seller is their PB&J donut! Make sure to stop in sometime and check them out at any location- the staff has been known to give out a free donut or two once in a while before close."

Cresent Donuts

And one last emailer was sure to let Cresent Donuts be known, saying:

"Cresent Donuts in Bloomington, IN made me DISAPPOINTED in Long's bakery when I finally tried Long's a couple years ago. Crescent donuts is open 24 hours in a stand alone shack. No frills, no fuss, just the sweetest doughnuts you will go our of your way for (since the shack is west of town, west of campus).

I truly believe Cresent Donuts to be the stronghold in Southern Indiana, further rounding out your list. Help yourself and help spread the word because people are missing out big time!"

There you have it, Indiana's best donuts! Now go out there and stuff your face!

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