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20 Indy Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

If you aren't already following these people, you're missing out big time.

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Indianapolis is such a beautiful city,

and the beautiful shots by these 20 Indy photo geniuses are going to prove that point through and through. From architecture downtown, to parks and conservatories, to local places like PRINTtEXT, Bluebeard, Cafe Patachou, and United State of Indiana, these Igers capture what makes Indianapolis such a hot spot to feature on Instagram. Check out some favorites from all twenty of them below:

Ryan Caven (@ryancaven)

Andrew Griswold (@the_gris)

Troy Carpenter (@redblueox)

Zach (@coldearth)

Steven Price (@redxluckyxcharms)

Cate Pickens (@catepickens)

Matt Lippman (@mlippman)

Skyler Wagoner (@skylerwagoner)

Tyne S. S. (@tyneswedish)

Lauren (@laur3nfi3lds)

Landon R. Price (@priceisrighht)

Scott C (@jscrone)

Raina Regan (@raiosunshine)

Dawn Olsen (@dmarieolsen)

Callie Riggs (@thiswiildheart)

Andy Cassler (@acassler)

Brandon Shirley (@brandons_lens)

Anna Shirley (@ohhbetsy)

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