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12 Habit Changing Tips That'll Inspire You To Move

As the '90s one hit wonder song once said "Jump around". #LetsMove.

1. First off, figure out what it is you want to achieve – and what you can realistically add to your daily life.

2. Getting a bit more active is also about figuring out what you might have to give up.

3. It's all about setting up and knocking down the SMALL goals.

4. Some experts say it can take a MINIMUM of 21 days to form a new habit. So don't give up on your new activities just yet.

5. Joining a community or tagging along with your friends can help you stick to the new exercise routine you're trying to create.

6. Options ARE NOT your friends. Figure out ways to reduce the number of distractions. This helps you stay focused on the task at hand.

7. Also try to eliminate your "screw it" moments.

8. Because once something becomes a habit it helps take the mental energy out of "making a decision". Habits are meant to become routine.

9. A good way to think about creating a habit is "putting things away" vs "putting things down". The more you put things away (cleaning your dishes as you make them vs. just putting them in the sink) the more the habit sticks.

10. Treat and transform yo' self. Sometimes a fresh wardrobe or new staples help your brain associate things with a new habit or thing to do.

11. Track where you're starting and what you're doing.

12. With creating new habits, sometimes you won't even notice it's become a routine...until one day you don't do it because something else has come up, which is out of your control, and you'll feel weird about it.

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