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Chicago's Food Jewels

Hide your rainbows, hide your unicorns, Chicago's top instagram foods are here.

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We've all seen the rainbow bagels, the goth black ice cream, and unicorn everything.

Disney Pixar / Via

The problem I have with them? They're either East or West! Did someone on instagram forget about all the other cities in this country? Time for Chicago to take over their deserved spot on instagram's food heaven.

Pride Sushi And Thai / Via

Where:2706 W Peterson Ave

Most Famous: Dragon Sushi

But at Pride Sushi you will find much more, including an actual godzilla on your plate and your plate on fire, so get those phones ready.

Shorty Awards / Via

Antique Taco / Via

Where: 1360 N. Milwaukee Ave

Most Famous: Every. Single. Taco. On. The. Menu.

Worth Mentioning:Chili Cheese Curds

Laff / Via

Gayle's Best Ever Grilled Cheese / Via

Where: 108 N. State Street Suite 27

Most Famous: Lobster Grilled Cheese

Unscripted / Via

Pequod's Pizza / Via

Where: 2207 N Clybourn Ave

Most Famous: Anything Deep Dish

buzzfeed / Via

Simply Thalia

Where: 108 N State St

Most Famous: The Red Line

Rainforest Films / Via

BomboBar / Via

Where: 32 W Randolph St

Most Famous: Everything with a Bomboloni

FX Network / Via
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