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10 Useful Products Your Home Will Thank You For

Thinking of starting on a home improvement journey? Don't set off without checking out the full range of BLACK+DECKER tools and seeing what nifty new stuff they've invented!

1. This handheld vacuum that can suck up both crumbs AND liquid:

2. This 2-in-1 cordless screwdriver and flashlight:

3. This cordless anti-allergen vacuum, which has no time for dander:

4. This Bluetooth-enabled blower, which can reach speeds of up to 130 mph:

5. This rechargeable drill that's a perfect entry-level power tool:

6. This everything-you-could-possibly-need tool kit:

7. This electric trimmer to keep any unruly hedges in line:

8. This electric mower that's designed to move like a gazelle and not a shopping cart:

9. This two-in-one trimmer/edger that can reach the places a mower can't:

10. This handy vac that's specifically designed to sweep up pet hair:

All images courtesy of Stanley Black & Decker.

Whatever your home improvement needs this summer, from power tools to lawn care, BLACK+DECKER has the tools for it!