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Top 5 Reasons Valentine's Day Is Better Spent With Friends

Single this Valentine's Day? Don't worry, we've got it covered! Here's why the day is probably better spent with your friends!

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5. Its easier buying presents for your friends.


Valentine’s Day can often be stressful! Whether it’s down to picking where to eat or the more dreaded.. BUYING PRESENTS! If the tradition stretched to showing your best friend appreciation rather than solely your significant other, it can be assumed that finding that perfect gift would be less of an ordeal. Everyone knows how to pick a gift that their best friend will love, after all, in most cases you’re practically the same person!

4. You don't have to spend the day alone! YAY!


For many of us, the thought of spending yet another Valentine’s day alone with a tub of our favourite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is enough to send us over the edge. If the day could be celebrated by friends, it would suck less.

3. No need to worry about rubbish presents.. PHEW!


Back to the presents! Although it’s not ALL the day is about, getting a terrible present can often leave us wondering if our significant other even knows us at all. Your best friend knows you, knows your likes and dislikes and had they the opportunity to gift you on this day, you might stand a chance at receiving something other than flowers and a teddy (although they are cute!)

2. No need for romantic meals.


Although some girls looooove the thought of being treated to a fancy meal at an unnecessarily expensive restaurant, others, can’t say the same. Some of us enjoy nothing more than just hanging out and having a good time. Although this is totally possible with a guy, most, like to use this one day to show off how well they can treat a girl and honestly, sometimes, although we’re grateful, we’d just prefer a pizza and a movie. This kind of night, is typical of every night spent with your best friend and they’re always the best!

1. Sometimes, our best friends are our soulmates.


More often than not, our best friends, whether they are male or female, can be our soulmates. They get us, they know us inside and out, and ultimately, can be better than any guy!

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