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    Here's How To Win At King's Cross Station And Not Be Taken For A Fool

    Since the redesign at King's Cross, I've managed to waste countless days of my life wandering around long sections of the station's corridors completely needlessly. However, I feel I have now cracked the system, and here's how it works.

    My aim when it comes to King's Cross: Avoid this ENDLESS corridor of walking.

    This corridor is designed to relieve congestion, but it's so so long.

    This map shows you the corridor:

    If you're changing tube lines, the secret is finding the old ticket hall.

    The problem is that all the signs point you in the wrong direction.

    Here's another example:

    This is the right way. THIS WAY.

    Another sign you shouldn't follow:

    The old ticket hall, I tell you!

    How do you find the old ticket hall? Simple.

    Otherwise, you'll end up doing this:

    What about the closed escalators that take you to the Northern line?

    Good point. Just take the lift (obviously giving priority to prams and wheelchair users).

    Any more tips? Post them below!