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Vegan And Vegetarian Options In The BJQ

Even though veganism and vegetarianism is on the rise, finding a restaurant that caters to those food options can be a little tricky. There is plenty of choice in the Jewellery Quarter and we would love to show you the best places that offer great vegetarian and vegan food.

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Peel & Stone

If you want to have a vegan or vegetarian lunch, Peel & Stone always have at least one vegan and vegetarian option to choose from, whether it’s a sandwich or a hot dish. Their menu is changing every day but it stays the same good quality and deliciousness. Apart from savoury lunch meals, they also offer delicious in-store baked desserts. They post their daily masterpieces on their Twitter. Make sure to check it out before visiting them (You should come early, they sell out pretty quickly).

Saint Kitchen

Saint Kitchen specialises in great coffee, but they also offer amazing vegetarian dishes. In a relaxed atmosphere with modern furniture, you can enjoy a veggie breakfast or their specialty – the smashed avocado bread. Apart from that, they offer a wide variety of options like flatbread, quinoa salads, bagels, burgers and others. So if you love great coffee and even better food, Saint Kitchen is the place for you. Check out their menu here or visit their Instagram.

The Red Lion

You probably wouldn’t expect to find various vegetarian and vegan options in a traditional pub but that’s exactly what The Red Lion is offering. They only use the finest local and seasonal produce and create delicious meat free meals like the Temper Burger with Breaded Cajun halloumi cheese, rocket & grilled red pepper – sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? They are currently updating their menu and will include even more vegetarian and vegan options.


Otto is a great place to enjoy authentic and top-quality wood-fired Pizza in the Jewellery Quarter. Vegetarians can enjoy a goats cheese, cherry tomato, and spinach pizza or maybe you would fancy a a mushroom, mascarpone and truffle oil pizza? As a vegan you can customize your pizza and create a deliciousness without cheese but with your favourite vegetables.


Itihaas offers authentic Indian cuisine and has a wide variety of vegetarian options with a lot of lentils, chickpeas and vegetables. Some of those options are also vegan, like the vegetables spiced with garam masala cashew nuts and chillies. How does that sounds to you? If you want a great taste experience, you should definitely try the vegetarian Thali with tofu, vegetables, spiced rice, naan bread and even more tasty ingredients.

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