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    10 Modes Of Transportation For '90s Kids You Secretly Wish You Could Still Use As An Adult

    You didn't have to buy auto-insurance for Heelys.

    10. Roller Skates

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    Let's start with a classic. Whether you hung out at the roller rink, played roller hockey with the neighborhood kids, or just liked to go for a stroll down the block, we can all agree it felt great to cruise around on a sweet pair of skates.

    9. Heelys

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    Why walk when your shoes could double as roller blades? By putting wheels right into your everyday shoes, Heelys transformed how many of us got around as kids. I challenge you to walk around a mall and not think about how the perfect, smooth floors make you want to buy a new pair of Heelys.

    8. Pogo Stick

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    If you could move forward or backward on a pogo stick, let alone simply stay on it for more than a single bounce, you had some serious talent. It may be a difficult way to get from place to place, but if you can master the art of the pogo stick, it sure is satisfying.

    7. Moon Shoes

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    If the pogo stick wasn't your forte, maybe you gave moon shoes a try? Sure, you couldn't necessarily bounce as high or really even get from point A to point B, but as a kid, it felt like you were defying gravity!

    6. Skateboard

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    If you were a skater kid, this one will really bring back some memories. Maybe you still use a skateboard every now and then. You certainly should because let's be honest — fewer things feel cooler than gliding around on a skateboard especially if you can still nail the occasional kickflip.

    5. Razor Scooter

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    Aside from a skateboard, it's safe to say that the Razor scooter was one of the coolest ways to get around town even if it was seemingly unavoidable to damage your ankles.

    4. Razor Pocket Rocket

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    Speaking of Razor, did you ever experience the thrill of riding on a mini electric motorcycle as a kid? If you weren't lucky enough to own a Razor Pocket Rocket, maybe you were one of the kids that went to Toys'R'Us (R.I.P.) to see if the ones on display were charged enough to take for a quick spin around the store.

    3. Power Wheels

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    This is the OG electric vehicle for tots everywhere. Having a Power Wheels vehicle as a kid was essentially like owning your own grownup car. Whether you were in a plastic Jeep or a Mercedes, you could ride in style for much, much less.

    2. Go Kart

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    If you were a little speed demon as a kid, Go-Karts were the way to go. What kid doesn't want to experience what it feels like to be a competitive race-car driver? Mario Kart never felt so IRL.

    1. Hippity Hop

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    Let's end on another classic that's so simple yet so much fun. If we could all do our daily traveling by bouncing around on a ball, the world would be a much happier place.

    Which mode of transportation was your fave?

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