45 Ways You Know You Moved From A Small Town To New York City

Go big or go home.

1. You miss your parents and their ability to fix problems.

They were always there and now they’re…not. Am I supposed to deal with this by myself?

2. You basically just miss your entire family.

All of them. Even that one person you didn’t really like. You miss not liking them in person.

3. All your friends back home seem to always be hanging out together.

It’s constant, never-ending FOMO.

4. Your social life takes a downfall.

How are there so many people in this city and I only communicate with three of them??

5. So for the first few months, you constantly keep in touch with your old pals.

6. You feel like you’ve never seen more beautiful people in your life.

7. You wonder how you’ll ever choose a significant other from such a wide pool of gorgeous.

8. You realize you’re more awkward than you thought.

Uhh…did I just say that out loud?!?!

9. Dating is hard.

Every time you manage to not be weird, you feel like you won a gold medal that no one can see.

10. A friend suggest OkCupid and you’re like:

At first.

11. But you finally join and in the beginning it’s like:

All the hot men in the city are now a finger’s click away! All hail the internet!

12. Which quickly escalates to:

Jk there are so many creeps and spam messages and not true-to-actual-looks profile pics and wahhhh I don’t like this.

13. So you go back to hoping to meet people in person.

So much small talk. In loud bars. That lead nowhere. All the time.

14. If you didn’t have a sense of style before, you now learn from the locals.

Where’d all the color go?!?!

15. And if you did have style before, it’s now amplified.

Absolutely no fucks, yet all fucks given at once.

16. Everyone back home thinks you’re 25% cooler now…

17. …even though you know it’s not true.

You do and say weird things all the time and that’ll never change.

18. You feel like a tourist because you want to see and do everything…

No, that’s not me with a really expensive camera taking ten photos of this one pigeon in Central Park.

19. …even if you learn how to walk and talk like the locals.

Including some of the not-so-nice habits.

20. The sudden exposure to so many kinds of food disorients you.

How can there be so many cuisines and why do they all smell SO GOOD?!?!?!? *Panic mode*

21. But then you wisen up, become bffs with Scoutmob and Yelp and:

You feel organized and ready.

22. At dinner, this happens:

All you can utter between bites is “OMG” and “SoOoOo goooooood!”

23. But you don’t gain any weight because of all the walking.

And this is how you feel about it.

24. Seeing celebrities happens and you’re like this on the inside:

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! #photos #omg #insane #loveyou

25. But on the outside:

While still thinking: OMG OMG just head nod or something and don’t stare for too long!

26. You work so much…

27. …yet you’re still somehow broke.

Taxes?! Rent!? This could’ve lasted me SO LONG back home.

28. But you still decide to treat yourself to something cuz you’ve “earned it”

Don’t look at the bill, don’t look at the bill. *Looks at the bill* *sobs*

29. You think drinking will be the same as it was in college.

Everyone gives you the face JT just made when you try to.

30. Alcohol doesn’t cost the same in a big city.

31. What happens when you see the price of cocktails:

Does a free appetizer come with this?

32. There’s ALWAYS something to do.

The To Do list never ends.

33. But staying in is sounding better and better.

No one out there’s as nice as my pillow is in here.

34. What you do in public can actually stay (somewhat) private.

Population vs how many people you know? The odds are in your favor.

35. Unless there’s a photo or snap, your secret’s golden!

Put your phones away, people! Not tonight.

36. The chances of running into someone you don’t like become THAT much smaller.

You won’t have to worry about this in your new city. Ever. Until they visit…

37. You no longer can be as friendly with strangers.

You think you’re just being normal.

38. Because they’ll most likely respond with:


39. And if you talk a little longer than necessary, they’re probably thinking:

40. Everyone has an iPhone.

The photos do come out really well but still, where’d all the smartphones go?

41. Cities smell.

Did something just drip on me? What is that? And where’s it coming from?!?!

42. You gain a newfound respect for where you come from.

Took long enough!

43. Sometimes the city will feel like too much:

44. But then something will remind you of why this place is the best.

The city practically glows with amazingness.

45. And you couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.


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