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23 Lies You Tell Yourself While Traveling

"This can all fit in the carry-on."

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1. You can sleep/relax on the flight.

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You'll undoubtedly get angry. Crying babies, numb butts, and no stretching of the legs = hell.

2. No social media binges for the entire trip.

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3. You won't stand out as a tourist.

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You'll take pictures and get lost and look up so much stuff that you might as well embrace it.

4. People will be welcoming.

Fox / Netflix / Via

Some will be, but others would rather stare you down than help with directions.

5. You'll get an "early start" in the morning.


The entire vacation is like hitting one long snooze button.

6. You'll pick up on some of the language.

Showtime / Via

Besides "yes", "no", and "where is the bathroom?"

7. Kilometers are pretty much the same as miles.


They never have been and never will be, but it took you a bit to calculate that.

8. All decisions will be made with a clear state of mind.

NBC / Via

Wait, what?

9. You'll stay in touch with the people you met in the hostel.

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It's the novelty effect, and you'll forget all of their names within a year.

10. You'll master the country's hottest dance moves.

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Your hips may not usually lie, but they are now because they don't speak the language!

11. You'll have one of those "best night ever" moments.

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You can't predict these yet you still have hope every time.

12. "We'll come back!"

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Well, at least you hope you will.

13. You'll "quickly" check in with someone back home.

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Make that a two hour conversation.

14. Oh, it's not that expensive!

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Your conversion rate is off. Try that math again.

15. This is such an authentic restaurant!

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Without fail, each trip will include a touristy munching spot that you'll get sucked into and cannot avoid.

16. You'll try the delicacies.

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But when you hear what they are… maybe not.

17. Calories don't exist on vacation.

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18. You won't enter a food coma.

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This will inevitably happen at least once because everything's just so yummy.

19. These souvenirs will make great gifts.

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And then you keep them all for yourself.

20. You'll accomplish everything on your itinerary.

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You overbooked yourself, but in the end, it's OK because what you did do was totally the right decision.

21. Every detail of this trip will be engraved into your memory.

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You probably won't remember half of the things that happened, but that's what photos and friends are for.

22. You won't be sad to leave.

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False. A good vacation rarely equals a happy departure back home.

23. You'll never visit this place again.

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False. If you loved it, you'll be back eventually. Until then, just relax and repeatedly scroll through your pictures.

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