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The Best Deal Spots On the Interwebs

Hide your wallets, hide your purses. These are the best spots on the web to get good deals, and with the holidays fast approaching, we could all use a sale or two. Know of any others? Feel free to post them below!

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  • 1. BradsDeals

    The ultimate in deal-finding. BradsDeals has single-handedly been responsible for the disappearance of more of my spending money than any other website.

  • 2. Woot! One Day, One Deal

    Woot!, along with its partners shirt.woot!, kids.woot!, sellout.woot!, and wine.woot!, offers amazing deals at very reasonable prices. Add this guy to your google reader and let the deals start surging!

  • 3. Tanga

    Very similar in concept to Woot!, but lots of magazine deals and what not make this a worthy target for your hard-to-find-a-gift-for Aunt Myra's Christmas present this year.

  • 4. Retail Me Not

    Do not make an online purchase from a major retailer without checking here first. A user-fronted site that publicizes promotional codes (free shipping, 10% off, etc) you can enter at checkout. Always worth a look.