Zombies, Run! A Fitness Game for Your iPhone/Android.

Need to change up your workout routine in a big way? A sweet UK video game company called Six to Start is currently developing a new iPhone/Android app to zombify your daily run. Can you think of a better way to get in shape for the zombie apocalypse? Help the game creation process along by pledging your zombie-smashing bucks here. Now get ready to run. Via Laughing Squid.

Bizzy B • 6 years ago

Voice Actors As Their Most Famous Video Game Characters

Dorkly put together an awesome compilation of famous video game characters mashed up with the voice actors who portray them. Is it me, or is Crash Bandicoot's voice actor *exactly* what you were expecting him to look like?

Bizzy B • 6 years ago

The Likability Of Different "Angry Birds"

The Oatmeal nails it on the head with this ranking of the different angry birds.

Bizzy B • 7 years ago