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Which York Street And Toronto Gal Are You?

5 fun girls trying to get through university. Which one of these funky fresh ladies are you? Why don't you try this quiz (it is spicy) and find out ;)

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  1. Choice of drink at the bar?

    Whiskey sour
    Double Vodka Cran
    Vodka Cran
  2. Celeb Crush

    Zac Efron
    Leonardo DiCaprio (SOO DREAMY)
    Young Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones)
    Colin Firth (Mr Darcy)
    Paul Rudd
  3. Hobbies?

    Cry into glass of wine
  4. Pick a plant

    Spanish Moss
    Spanish Moss
    Whomping Willow
    Whomping Willow
  5. What Harry Potter book are you?

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  6. What lipstick shade are you?

    Dark purple
    Lip balm
    Soft pink
    Bright red
  7. What snack are you?

    BBQ chips
  8. Pick a nut

  9. What drunk food are you?

    Chicken nuggets
    Straight up poutine
    Mac and Cheese
  10. What glass are you?

    Shot glass

Which York Street And Toronto Gal Are You?

You got: Olivia (Ella) Hansen

Congrats! You are the reincarnation/doppelganger of the one and only Liv Hansen. Besides a total go-getter and natural baker, you are smart, funny and quirky. You can be found lounging in comfy pjs, watching disney and drinking varieties of teas. While you may be seen as innocent and sweet, an alter ego also appears upon arrival to a club (beacon). You definitely know how to fave fun! To some people you are known as the shots master! Good luck saving the world and making all your friends fat (off your baked goods and bean salad).

Olivia (Ella) Hansen
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You got: Ellis Kelly (Ellice)

Hmmm. You got Ellis, I wouldn't brag but this is the best option of the list (shhh). As an Ellis you are a grandma at heart, often found romanticizing about Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth *swoon*), looking at pictures of your cats and browsing ebay for growlers to put all your milk in! However a few drinks in and the party animal remerges! Watch out for AFR though, I swear its a real disease!!! Anyways go out there and live your life, but you better be in science.

Ellis Kelly (Ellice)
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You got: Katie Newton (GB)

YEAHHHH!!! You got KATIE FRIGGIN NEWTON! Time to work out now... If you are not at an elliptical right now, what are you doing with your life. Let me guess, you are in Kin (moment of silence for Phe, RIP). You are an experienced beer pong professional and you are always ready to rally! Loyal and fun, you have many friends. Your golden locks often attract men at the clubs...enough said. Your hips are like a sirens song!

Katie Newton (GB)
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You got: Alex Chapleau (Beth)

Wow! Aren't you lucky! You are Alex (beth). You are a total fashionista and put everyone else to shame. You are never caught in sweatpants (besides lounging around the house listening to Great Gatsby). You get a tad emotional at most things, and you often make promises not to cry. You know how to get down on the dance floor (#stagerage). You are devoted to science, but in your spare time you enjoy researching Russian royalty and eating cheese. Grab a glass of wine to celebrate taking this quiz and winning (#Corinne)!

Alex Chapleau (Beth)
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You got: Meg Spencer (Margarita)

You are finally done this quiz! You got Meg :) but you hate being called Meg, so now we will call you Margarita Meg... You love the 100 and are a tad obsessed about lotr (no judgement). You are all about nature and rocks! You love to spend your time dabbling in frisbee. Your nails always look on fleek and your hair is right out of a tresemme commercial. People tend to get on your nerves, but when you find good people, you hang on tight. But don't let the quiet exterior fool you, give her a drink and you are in for a treat ;)

Meg Spencer (Margarita)
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