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Broke? Ultimate Spring Break Vacations On The Cheap

Short on cash? Check out these cheap vacation spots for an ultra affordable 2017 spring break.

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Because it’s a major hub, you can often find great deals on flights to Orland. Avoid Disney World and you’ll enjoy Orlando’s reasonable cost of living (i.e. cheap drinks and food), plus awesome beaches like Daytona just a short drive away.

If Orlando isn’t your style, also check out Tampa for budget-friendly beaches and warm weather.

Las Vegas

Boasting one of the lowest average costs for hotels and flights (you can find rooms for less than $50 a night), Vegas can be a super affordable option to party it up with your closest besties. Stick to the hotel pool and avoid the casino floor so you don’t blow your cash.

South Padre Island, Texas

It’s a longtime hotspot for students looking for beach and booze without having to shell out a lot of dinero. You can rent hotels on the beach (or nearly on the beach) for less than $100, just don’t expect a red carpet rollout.

Bonus Texas hangouts: Austin is nearly untouchable during the SXSW frenzy, but nearby San Antonio is the mecca for cheap tacos and beer.

New Orleans

Not a beach locale, but once Mardi Gras is over the hotel prices plummet and the drinks are plentiful and cheap as ever in the Big Easy. You won’t have to spend a lot to party it up on Bourbon Street.


It’s a spring break classic for a reason: You can find super affordable all-inclusive resorts with flights from most major cities. Plus the town knows how to party. And with the peso’s current exchange rate, you’ll get even more for your money. Also check out Puerto Vallarta for an alt-Cancun experience that’s even less expensive.

Washington, D.C.

Visiting D.C. can actually be a cheapskate’s dream. Despite the high cost of living, you won’t spend a dime on admission at over 100 national museums and landmarks. Instead of working on your tan, D.C. is a good option to work on your history trivia.

Puerto Rico

There’s not a single private beach in Puerto Rico, and they’re all beautiful. Bonus: You don't need a passport. Food and drinks might be a little on the pricey side in Puerto Rico, but hotels and flights are cheap enough to make up the difference. And don't think you have to fly in to San Juan--for the best deal on flights, check pricing at other hubs like Aguadilla for an equally awesome time.


Microwbreweries, hipsters and hiking – for West coasters, Portland’s got something appealing no matter what you’re into. You’ll find hotels in Portland for well under $100 a night, and flights are generally affordable in the spring time. You may have to bundle up, but you'll find plenty of coffeeshops and kitschy bars to keep you cozy.

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