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15 Reasons Why Canadian Thanksgiving Is Better Than American Thanksgiving

Canadian thanksgiving is obviously far superior, here’s why… (via Bite Daily)

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  • 15. American thanksgiving is too close to Christmas. Why not just call it “pre-Christmas meal that’s just like it without presents”- because that’s all it is.

  • 14. Canadian thanksgiving is sooner which equals better: scientific fact.

  • 13. University and college students have to hand in their big assignments around late November. In early October, it’s still drunk care-free time. Party on!

  • 12. You’re not freezing cold yet.

  • 11. White Gravy? What the #%$@.

  • 10. After Halloween candy, turkey tastes like ass.

  • 9. November is a crappy month, and as a result, so are any Holidays within. (more like bore-vember)

  • 8. You can still play in the leaves!

  • 7. No-one is genuinely thankful in late November, more like hate filled.

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