• 1.

    15. On American thanksgiving Its practically already Christmas where the real s$%# goes down- Sweet!

  • 2.

    14. Your Halloween candy has aged like a fine Merlot.

  • 3.

    13. Getting lazy and drunk off turkey and wine is the perfect cure for your University exams/essays, minus consequences.

  • 4.

    12. White gravy! I love you Dad!

  • 5.

    11. Biscuits, bless this mess Mom!

  • 6.

    10. In Canada, your dad gave a homeless man some change he was to spend on cranberry sauce. In America, your dad punched a homeless man and took his change which equals more cranberry sauce for everyone!& except the poor bleeding hobo of course.

  • 7.

    9. November is the worst month since October, and so a holiday at the end of the month makes it that much more bearable.

  • 8.

    8. Brown Gravy? Clearly the dirty vagabond of the Gravy world you filthy Canadians!

  • 9.

    7. That homeless man was unable to pay for healthcare in the states, and in Canada, he simply refused it out of self righteousness. Its a thanksgiving tie since both hobos are dead.

  • 10.

    6. On American thanksgiving, people give thanks for what they have. On Canadian thanksgiving, people sort of give thanks if they remember or believe in that sort of thing. See the last 5 here.