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15 Reasons Why American Thanksgiving Is Better Than Canadian Thanksgiving

It's the ultimate showdown between American and Canadian Thanksgiving, and America kicks ass! Here's 10, but you can check out all 15 here. Or, if you're Canadian, here's our 15 reasons Canadian Thanksgiving is better than American.

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    15. On American thanksgiving Its practically already Christmas where the real s$%# goes down- Sweet!

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    14. Your Halloween candy has aged like a fine Merlot.

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    13. Getting lazy and drunk off turkey and wine is the perfect cure for your University exams/essays, minus consequences.

  • 4.

    12. White gravy! I love you Dad!

  • 5.

    11. Biscuits, bless this mess Mom!

  • 6.

    10. In Canada, your dad gave a homeless man some change he was to spend on cranberry sauce. In America, your dad punched a homeless man and took his change which equals more cranberry sauce for everyone!& except the poor bleeding hobo of course.

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    9. November is the worst month since October, and so a holiday at the end of the month makes it that much more bearable.

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    8. Brown Gravy? Clearly the dirty vagabond of the Gravy world you filthy Canadians!

  • 9.

    7. That homeless man was unable to pay for healthcare in the states, and in Canada, he simply refused it out of self righteousness. Its a thanksgiving tie since both hobos are dead.

  • 10.

    6. On American thanksgiving, people give thanks for what they have. On Canadian thanksgiving, people sort of give thanks if they remember or believe in that sort of thing. See the last 5 here.