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Gift Guide: The Perfect Gift For Every Traveller

Every traveling expert needs an arsenal of products to make the journey smoother. Wanderlusts need accessories to help enhance holiday memories, inspire adventures, and make life on the road easier and more enjoyable. Some gifts will encourage travelers to get creative in commemorating their trips. Give the travelers on your list gifts that they can take around the world, whether to a ski chalet, a desert hideaway, or the perfect castaway beach. Whether it’s a gift for a holiday or a special occasion, these ideas will make meaningful presents for your fellow world wanderers.

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1. Passport Holder

If you’re a true travel lover, your passport is probably your most prized possession. And passport covers aren’t just fun accessories. You can actually be denied entry at the airport if your passport is damaged in any way. Keep yours safe (and of course, stylish) with these leather passport holders, which have plenty of room for your travel documents.

3. Personalised Luggage Tag

mariaallenboutique / Via

The perfect travel gift for anyone embarking on the trip of a lifetime! Send them on their way with your best wishes of safe travels and give them something to carry with them wherever they may be.

4. Binocular

Bushnell PermaFocus Wide Angle Porro Prism Binocular / Via

Continuing with useful gift ideas for travel enthusiasts, a binocular is a worthwhile item for camping or hiking. With a binocular you can relax and enjoy the views, since you don’t have to worry about adjusting the focus all the time.

5. Portable battery charger

New design power bank 7800mAh portable phone charger / Via

This is a very useful gift for comfort loving traveler who likes to use his smartphone or tablet a lot during his travels. He is probably used to finding the battery dead after a few hours of the intense use. External battery charger is a savior in these cases.

7. Professional Selfie Stick

Fugetek FT-568 Professional High End Alloy Selfie Stick / Via

Of course! For someone who likes to make selfies with beautiful places in background while traveling the world or a solo traveler, the perfect gift is a selfie stick!

8. Travel Notebook

Last but not least, travel notebook definitely makes for a nice travel gift, and it’s small so you can always take it with you on your world traveling experiences.

Personalize these pocket-sized notebook with your name on the cover, and then fill it with your travel notes and drawings. In this way even many years after the travel trip it is possible to remember the exact feelings and insights when you first saw that lush green valley, the beautiful deserted island or the majestic mountain ridges.

Beside that, a matching set include a phone case, a notebook and an envelope clutch is the best way to record globetrotting adventures as well as make sure you have all your must-haves to hand and protect your smartphone in-style!

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