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These Dogs Making Messes Will Make Your Day

The new BISSELL® ICONpet™ Cordless Vacuum was designed by Pet Parents for messes like these!

1. OMG, you are not gonna believe this: Gordon was just sitting there being a good boy like always, and then another dog came into the house, covered him in toilet paper, and then escaped before you could see anything. Unbelievable!

2. Gladys took care of that pesky toilet paper roll in the bathroom. Aren't you so proud of her?

3. Mr. Bonkers was just admiring your amazing baking skills when some of the ingredients jumped onto his face! How dare they!

4. Dennis and Petunia have something really important to show you, but it's all the way at the bottom of this bag of kibble. Don't worry — they have a plan to get it out!

5. There was a big spider in the kitchen. The hugest spider you've ever seen! But don't worry, Scout and Kippy took care of everything, so you're safe now!

6. Curtis is very sorry about getting his fur all over the couch, but it's the only way you'll know his favorite nap spots.

7. Alexander doesn't know how this happened, but he is dedicated to helping you get some answers!

8. This toy must be defective, because it totally just exploded! Guy Furryeri was just putting it back together again like a good boy.

9. Ruthie always sees you tearing up the toilet paper when you're in the bathroom, and she just wants to be more like you because she loves you so, so much!

10. Maurice knows that you never really liked this particular teddy bear anyway.

11. Madame Snuggles is so exhausted from all the good, wholesome things she did today, which definitely did not include dumping these flowers on the floor. Because she would never, EVER do something like that.

12. Juliette just woke up like this.

Images via Getty Images.

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