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    Laura's Great Thesis Adventure

    As told by muppets, of course.

    1. You dove into your thesis full steam ahead.

    2. You found a question that could change your field.

    3. You wrote, wrote, and wrote to get this far.

    4. There were a few bumps in the road.

    5. And more than a few distractions.

    6. You got frustrated but kept pushing forward.

    7. They threw you a curve-ball with those extra reviews.

    8. Things seemed disastrous but you held on for the ride.

    9. Today is your day to strut your stuff.

    10. You'll give your capstone everything you've got,

    11. Maybe even a little song and dance,

    12. Or a full Broadway production.

    13. Your defense will test your knowledge.

    14. Your committee might make you a little nervous,

    15. Or maybe quite nervous.

    16. But you'll rock it.

    17. They'll push a little harder,

    18. And you'll rock a little harder.

    19. You'll rock their socks off.

    20. They'll have to admit you know your stuff.

    21. You'll take your bow.

    22. You deserve to be proud of yourself.

    23. I know I'm proud of you,

    24. And lots of other people are proud of you too.

    25. Celebrate all you have accomplished.

    26. You're obviously headed towards greater things.

    27. And I'm here for you the whole way.

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